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LoveSnack Stations

We provide your office with yummy, healthy snacks for a week. Your team will have more energy and realize that you value them and their well-being.

A more sustainable office with unpackaged snacks

Most snacks are not only full of sugar and additives, they also create a lot of plastic waste. Our snacks are packaged in sustainable paper bags before we fill them into dispensers in your office so you can enjoy unpackaged snacks with your team. You get dispensers that we fill for you. This makes your office more sustainable and helps employees feel good.

Many popular office snacks are unhealthy for employees, businesses and the environment.

Many snacks are harmful to the health of employees

Employees become tired, unproductive and dissatisfied

Plastic packaging increases the CO2 footprint

Love Snack Station


Unsere Spender werden in der Nähe von Frankfurt aus Glas und Holz gefertigt (nicht nur die Snacks sind plastikfrei).

Die Spender können frei stehen (an einer Halterung) oder an einer Wand (z.B. im Pausenraum) montiert werden.


Unter unseren Snacks findest du Müslis, Nussmischungen, Früchte und vieles mehr—nur eins sind sie alle: Unverpackt, biologisch, fair gehandelt und lecker—denn was bringt gesund, wenn man’s gar nicht essen will (hat jemand Blumenkohl gesagt?).

Die Snacks kannst du für dein Team individuell auswählen oder dich überraschen lassen.

Got questions? We got answers

Our simple “Snack Station” concept, a straightforward and automated snack program where LoveSnack takes care of everything and offers the following benefits:

  • Monthly subscription: no more time spent looking for and purchasing new snacks for the office.
  • On-time refill service: no more time spent refilling snacks or worrying about them running out
  • Cleaning dispensers: no more wasting time cleaning containers
  • 100% plastic-free: high-quality dispensers and no more plastic waste
  • Regulated consumption: no more wasted snacks (perfect portion control). You only pay for what you need, regardless of demand. You only pay a monthly subscription fee for each station + refills (per dispenser) when needed.
  • Hygienic: No more worrying about people putting their hands in the containers.
  • Become a hero: In our experience, LoveSnack is an easy, convenient and effective way to show appreciation to your team, and of course, a quick way to earn the title of Office Super Hero 🙂

One Snack Station consists of 3 dispensers and is ideal for up to 50 people. The 3 dispensers are filled with a selection of 1 nut or nut-fruit mix, 1 granola and 1 cereal.

We supply offices of various sizes. We have designed our offering to be very simple. It works well for small teams (up to 50 people), but can easily be expanded to larger teams with our scalable Snack Station concept. The first question you should ask yourself is: How many people are in the office every day? Once you know that number, you can find out how much your LoveSnack Station(s) would cost on our subscription and pricing page (click here). Remember, just calculate 1 snack station for every 50 people.

LoveSnack adapts to your office. We deliver the amount of snacks that will make your team healthy and productive, whether that’s 50 or 1000 team members. Does the number of employees in your office change? Just contact us and we will adjust the amount of snack stations. 

From our experience, there’s always someone in the office 🙂

Most of our snacks are mueslis, granolas, nuts, fruits or mixtures thereof. An overview is available here. You can choose from over 50 different snack types.

LoveSnack adapts to your office. We deliver the amount of snacks that will make your team healthy and productive-whether that’s 50 or 1000 team members. Does the number of employees in your office change? Just contact us and we will adjust the amount of snack stations.

Yes, for sure, and that’s why snack stations have 3 dispensers. Since we have over 50 different snacks, we can constantly replace snacks that don’t work until we find a balance that makes everyone happy.

Quite a while. The dispensers are hygienic and cleaned regularly, and the snacks have a shelf life of 6-12 months. From our experience, snacks are typically eaten within a couple of weeks, so that’s generally not a concern.

No you do not. This is a no commitment offer to give you and your colleagues the opportunity to try our snacks, and see how our system works first hand.

Of course! We take special care that dispensers are regularly cleaned thoroughly. 

We also follow special guidelines when refilling.

Super fast! From the time you contact us, we would schedule a date/time that works for you and we’d come and setup the station.

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