The fruit basket isn't what it used to be

LoveSnack is the perfekt companion to the fruit basket. Healthy and delicious Müsli's, Nuts und Nut-Fruit-mixes served 100% without unnecessary packaging.

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Avoid trash piles of plastic and snack packaging.

Teams stay energised, productive, and satisfied.

Snacks that are always available, on-the-go, yummy, and healthy.

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"With Love Snack, the office becomes a whole lot better. Those plastic-free dispensers? They're like a high-five for a healthier, greener workplace."


Workplace Manager

"Love Snack is a game-changer for our daily grind. These snacks? They're awesome, healthy, and eco-friendly – a must for guilt-free snacking with a conscience!"



"Love Snack is really raising the bar for office snacks. They've got such a great selection and the quality is top-notch - makes snacking a real pleasure!"



A healthy team is a happy team.

We’ll hook your office up with delicious, healthy snacks for a week. Your team will feel the energy boost and know you value them and their health.

A sustainable office thanks to unpackaged snacks.

“Most snacks aren’t just packed with sugar and additives, they also create a ton of plastic waste. Our snacks come in sustainable paper bags, filled into dispensers at your office for you and your team to enjoy unpackaged snacks. You’ll get dispensers filled by us, making your office more sustainable and giving employees a good feeling.”

Whatyou get


“Our dispensers are crafted in Germany from high quality glass and wood.

The dispensers can stand freely (on a holder) or be mounted on a wall (e.g., in the break room).”


Among our snacks, you’ll find mueslis, nut mixes, fruits, and much more—only one thing they all have in common: Unpackaged, organic, fair-trade, and delicious—because what good is healthy if you don’t want to eat it (did someone mention cauliflower)

You can choose the snacks individually for your team or we surprise you.

You have questions?

Our simple “Snack Station” concept, an uncomplicated and automated snack offering where LoveSnack takes care of everything, offers the following benefits:

Monthly subscription: no more wasting time searching for and buying new office snacks. Timely refill service: no more wasting time refilling snacks or worrying about them running out.
Clean dispensers: no more wasting time cleaning containers. 100% plastic-free: high-quality dispensers and no more plastic waste.
Regulated consumption: no more wasted snacks (perfect portion control). You only pay for what you need, regardless of demand. You only pay a monthly subscription fee for each station + refills (per dispenser) as needed. Hygienic: No more worries about people sticking their hands into the containers. Become the office hero: In our experience, LoveSnack is a simple, practical, and effective way to show appreciation to your team, and of course, a quick way to earn the title of office superhero 🙂

A snack station consists of 3 dispensers and is ideal for up to 50 people. The 3 dispensers are filled with a selection of 1 nut or nut-fruit mix, and 2 mueslis.

We cater to offices of various sizes. We’ve designed our offering to be very straightforward. It’s great for small teams (up to 50 people) but can easily scale to larger teams with our scalable snack station concept. The first question you should ask yourself is: How many people are in the office daily? Once you know this number, you can find out how much your LoveSnack station(s) would cost on our subscription and pricing page (click here).

LoveSnack adapts to your office. We deliver the quantity of snacks that keeps your team healthy and productive, whether it’s 50 or 1000 people. Does the number of employees in your office change? Just reach out to us, and we’ll adjust the number of snack stations.

In our experience, there’s always someone in the office 🙂

Most of our snacks are mueslis, granolas, nuts, fruits, or combinations thereof. We offer over 50 different snacks (and counting), so you never have to worry about anyone getting bored.

LoveSnack adapts to your office. We deliver the quantity of snacks that keeps your team healthy and productive, whether it’s 50 or 1000 people. If the number of employees in your office changes, just reach out to us, and we’ll adjust the number of snack stations.

Sure thing! That’s why our snack stations have 3 dispensers. With over 50 different snacks (and growing), we can constantly swap out snacks that don’t work until we find a balance that satisfies everyone.

Quite a while. The dispensers are hygienic and cleaned regularly, and the snacks have a shelf life of 6-12 months. From our experience, the snacks are usually eaten within a few weeks, so that generally isn’t a problem.

No, you don’t have to. This is a non-binding offer to give you and your colleagues the opportunity to try our snacks and see how our offering works.

Yes, of course! We take special care to ensure that the dispensers are regularly and thoroughly cleaned.

Additionally, we follow special guidelines when refilling.

Super quick! Once you get in touch with us, we’ll schedule a time that works for you, and we’ll come and set up the snack station within 5 minutes.

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